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What did God teach you in 2020?

While sitting in an Emmaus zoom meeting today, the question was asked "What did Got teach you in 2020?" and I thought about it for a minute and came to the conclusion that God was teaching me, no matter what plans I make for myself, HIS plans are what matter. 2020 teaches us that God is in control, not you, or me, or the government or any person or organization on Earth. It also taught me that what I think is important, is not important, what God thinks is important, is what's important. Community is important, concern for our friends and family, is important. Health is important. Is a big church building important? We didn't get to spend much time there and yet I think we grew in our relationships so I'm going to say, No, a big church building isn't important. The church is NOT a building, the church is US! We are the church. We are the body of believers and we are commissioned to follow Christ whether we're in that big beautiful building or if we are at home most of the year. Honestly, most of us are not in the building much anyway. Many of us had weekly visits if that in years prior. What's important is going out and living Jesus in our world and last year our world was at home, it was virtual, and it was connected. We saw a lot of strife and violence and pain and anger in 2020, those things are not important, what is important is love. God taught me to love and to help in 2020. 2020 seemed to wash over like a wave, but look, it has washed us clean! What did God teach you in 2020?

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