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It’s a mad mad mad mad world

In just over a month, VP Biden and the new administration has successfully turned things on its ear. Anything the previous administration accomplished has been rescinded even things that the left should say are good, only because orange man bad. Now that they have done that, it’s time to move forward with the communistic agenda. The most recent of these ideas is the “Universal Basic Income” or “Communism” for those who didn’t pay attention in history class (assuming history still teaches about such things). Here’s my issue with this, the more you just give people, the less they will actually do things to earn whatever it is. Income should never be an entitlement. Everywhere this idea has been tried, it’s been a train wreck. People will stop working and take the guaranteed income. Where the real problem lies however is when too many people do this and now there’s no taxpayers to support the growing crowd of do-nothings sucking on the teat of the government. Here’s why the left wants it, the more dependant we are on the government, the more power they have. History is so badly warped and/or not taught these days that college students at Yale enthusiastically signed a “petition” to repeal the Constitution! They obviously have not learned from history and are dooming themselves and future generations, to repeat it. They think Hitler was bad, but here we are looking at the beginnings of totalitarian government that again is trying to disarm the people and make them totally dependent. The only entity who deserves our total dependence is God almighty, not any man or woman or government. Wake up people, you’ve been had and it will only get worse if we don’t speak up and put an end to this garbage.

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