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Thank you for your sacrifice

It’s Memorial Day again and every year I think that we are doing it wrong. We say happy Memorial Day but I have a hard time thinking it’s a happy thing. I mean we are supposed to be honoring and remembering the sacrifices made by our armed forces over the years and to me that’s a somber occasion and we often treat it just as an excuse to grill out and take a day off from work. I realize that without those sacrifices we couldn’t have the day to grill out and take time off from work but it still feels to me like we cheapen the occasion. There are definitely times to celebrate and I guess we should celebrate our freedom and I love to do so every July 4th but Memorial Day to me is more about the sacrifices and I think we should spend more time reflecting and honoring those who paid the ultimate price for us so that we could remain free. So while you are cooking up burgers and brats and drinking your favorite beverage, don’t forget to remember and honor those who gave their lives so you could do it. Thank you to all those veterans who gave their life for the USA. May God bless you and your families.

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