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Updated: May 29, 2021

For some time now I’ve been aware of a story written down but never published about a man and his experience in world war 2. Not just any ordinary man, but my own grandpa. This is a subject he always avoided talking about because of how horrible war is and how remembering can sometimes cause flashbacks. My cousin Adam got it placed in the library of Congress for him though and recently my uncle, Adam’s father, worked with grandpa to publish the book on Amazon Kindle and even more exciting is it’s now available in paperback and yes this is my shameless plug for that book, One Soldier’s Story. Whether you read it on kindle or get a physical copy in your hands I guarantee it’s worth the read.

Paperback ($12.99 prime)

Kindle ($4.99 and on Kindle unlimited)

One Soldier's Story: WWII Service Record: Leyte & Okinawa

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