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A Turning Point

I’m not ashamed of my viewpoints as they are my own. We all have them. For the last several years I’ve been muting my political opinions as I didn’t think it was my time to speak about them openly and to a point, I still don’t speak about them openly. I have grown to trust that God has all of this figured out if I can only trust him and yet I sometimes feel like I have to say something. Today I think we are at a turning point in many ways. It’s a transition from one administration to a new administration of our country. It’s a transition from what I believe to be the absolute most prosperous 4 years (yes, even pandemic included) that I’ve ever seen in my lifetime and probably longer, to the potentially worst 4 years we’ve ever seen. The best president we’ve ever had leaving the White House, and basically a joke of a president, sorry, he’s not fit mentally to hold the office, coming into it. Before that even happens though, popular culture has already attacked freedom loving Americans and vows to hunt them down. These folks are being blacklisted, canceled is the new buzzword for that, simply because they like how Trump handled the office of the president and how he did exactly what his supporters asked him to do. He was constantly attacked from well before he took office until I’m sure many years to come. If you’re being attacked by evil, you must be doing something right. He did so many right things. Was he always tactful? Absolutely not and he was dealing with vipers so of course he was blunt. I don’t make excuses for him, but I do think he was the most effective president we ever had, because he knew how to administrate and he knew what his role was, to serve the people. Those of us who watched and cheered him on, knew he was being thrown to the wolves when he took office, because DC is hugely corrupt. If you think otherwise, time to pull the wool back from your eyes. I admit it, I was wrong in 2016. I looked at Hillary and Donald and thought, “This? This is the best we have to offer?” Much like folks thought of Reagan many years ago, “The actor?” as Doc Brown puts it in “Back to the Future” Trump was a business man turned reality show star, how could HE be good for America? I was so wrong, Trump proved to me that career politicians are definitely NOT what America needs in the presidency, we need to go back to what our founding fathers envisioned. We need real leaders from our country to step up and do with our country what they have already proven they can do with their community around them. Grow them and make them better for everyone. I went from a wishy-washy supporter to a real supporter of the policies Trump enacted and even started to like him as a person when I realized that the media was painting him in a super negative light because he was flying in their face about their own corruption. The man genuinely loves America and that’s why he adopted the slogan “Make America Great Again” because he wants what we want, an America we can be proud of again, with jobs aplenty, and top notch everything. He wanted American to regain it’s position in the world as the beacon of freedom, hope, and prosperity it had been in years past and you know what? He did it, WE did it! There are many who downplayed this but the facts are, we had and still have the most booming economy ever, lowest jobless rates and record jobless rates for minorities. You would think people would be happy except far too many got sucked into the “Orange man bad” crowd, believing everything with Trump was bad, real or imagined by the media. This obsession with Trump being bad pushed, I believe people to do illegal things to corrupt and defraud the American people of their right to decide by voting, who should continue to lead our great nation. I still think the truth will come out and if you are one of the folks thinking this was a 100% legitimate election, I’m sorry that you refuse to see the obvious issues with it. The thing is, we live in a country where we are free to disagree and that’s even a healthy thing. If we can all be adults about it. If I say something you disagree with, that’s fine, if now you must cancel me and take your ball and go home, that’s fine too I guess, and I’m sorry we can’t all be adults about our differences. I may lose friends over my viewpoints, but that’s not my problem, that’s their problem. If your seething hatred for one man who only wanted to make you more prosperous, is more important to you than a friendship with me, again, I’m sorry you feel that way and I know that there are 80 million people out there who at least agree with me on my view of the 2017-2020 presidency. If you are one of those 80 million, welcome! I’m glad we have at least one thing in common (probably at least 2). If you’re not, I’m not mad at you, I’m praying for you, for all of us. Sometimes God says “No” so that we can learn to rely on HIM more. I will survive the next 4 years, like I’ve done through bad administrations in the past, by perseverance and reliance on the strength given by God. Some day we will return to greatness. God bless you, and God bless the USA.

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