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MagSafe continues to impress

After some months now with the iPhone 12 Pro and a growing number of MagSafe accessories, I thought it was time for another update. First off, I’ve got a little game for you… can you guess which case is the real deal?

OK if you said the one on the right, you need to re-examine your concept of what Apple makes because that one doesn’t even have a logo on it. If you said the one in the middle, you’re getting warmer but that one doesn’t trigger the animation when held up to the back of the iPhone. That leaves the one on the left, yep, that’s the real deal. The middle and left are very close but the dead giveaway is when you test for the animation. This is something I learned the hard way. I had the one on the right and it was OK but seemed a little lacking in quality, and logo. The middle one I bought off eBay and the box even looked legit but when I held it up to the iPhone and no animation happened, I knew I had been taken for a ride. Fortunately I didn’t pay “Apple Tax” pricing for the middle one. That said, I DID end up paying Apple full price for the real one and I’m also happiest with it. The lesson here is, if Apple makes it, most likely it’s going to be the best version. Now on to the rest of the update…

As mentioned in the past entry I have the Zeera Wireless backup battery and loving it. Here’s what that looks like:

I put the white disc on the back, it acts like the magnets found in the back of the iPhone 12 so that I can stick my pop socket to the back or mount it on any other MagSafe mounts.

The battery does its job quite well and even makes the animation:

I ended up using the kickstand that it comes with on my desk as a mount for that. It’s not the best design but it works for this:

So again I see this as a worthwhile purchase to enhance my use of the new iPhone.

I was going through looking at my credit cards a few weeks ago and noticed I had accrued $100 in rewards cash on one of them so I had them put that into an Amazon gift card and then I used that to significantly reduce the cost of this next item:

This is Apple’s own MagSafe Duo charger and an Anker Nano charging brick (if you can call it that) which makes sure that the Duo can charge both my iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously at 15Watts!

This is great for travel and when I need to give my AirPods Pro a boost, I can drop that on the phone side to charge it up as well, granted not at the same time as these two but it’s not something you need to do all the time.

Here’s that case folded up and a closer look at the Anker Nano.

When it comes to Apple, you DO get what you pay for, value, quality, longevity, style and thanks to Apple and their partners, plenty of accessories to build an ecosystem around these products. Links to these accessories are below. I recommend all of them if you have the funds to do it. Thanks for checking it out!

Anker Nano

Apple MagSafe Duo

MagSafe disc on the back of the battery

Zeera Wireless battery

Pop socket base

“Right side” case

Apple Case

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