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MagSafe update

I've been pretty busy since my last post and wanted to catch you up. I received the Zeera Wireless MagSafe backup battery and I was not disappointed. It works great and it is quality stuff. I decided not to attach the kickstand that it comes with but instead I put a magsafe magnet ring/disk on the back of it to receive my popsocket so it can sit between the phone and pop socket if I need to use both on the go. It all feels quite comfortable in the hand too. The battery has smooth edges which makes it nice to hold and the pop socket keeps things from leaving my hand. I thought this was a great setup and yet it seemed like there was one problem with it. What if I needed to use the battery for something else? There's no USB output... or so I thought. Then yesterday I saw a video that Zeera posted on YouTube:

As you can see here, the USB-C on the battery works both directions! I was blown away. So the only problem is how to use this with something that has a USB-A charge cable. Problem solved. A 2 pack of USB-C to USB-A adapters are on the way from Amazon (here) so now I can charge just about anything with it, not just my iPhone 12 Pro. So far I'm very happy with all the MagSafe accessories and affirm that the killer feature of the iPhone 12 line is MagSafe.

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