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Where have all the cases gone?

Thanks Apple for that larger camera bump and buttons being moved, now my favorite phone case no longer fits going from iPhone 12 Pro to iPhone 13 Pro. It’s OK, the case manufacturers are on this… right? Well, guess what, the case I fell in love with on my iPhone 12 Pro is not readily available stateside yet. Here’s what it looks like.

This is the case I had for the 12 Pro, it’s called a Frameless case because the sides are exposed, which I really like. The 13 Pro version available in the US, on Amazon, doesn’t have the MagSafe ring embedded in it… I bought one anyway and MagSafe sticker/magnets to put on it... Which will hopefully arrive Monday… because it’s like pulling teeth right now to get what you want in 2 days I guess. I’ve had things ordered for a few days already. So I cannibalized the old iPhone 12 Pro case (since I returned it to apple) and super glued the MagSafe to the iPhone 13 Pro case… it’s just not the same. I will post updates when things get figured out, hopefully soon.

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