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Time for a tech update

Well it's that time of year again, Apple season! As much as I love the iPhone 12 Pro and all the MagSafe accessories and cases etc. I've bought, it was time for a change... no I didn't switch to android, iPhone 13 Pro is on the way to me and yes, that means I need a new case. The new camera bump is so much larger I had to take my current case (more on that later) and dremmel it out larger for when the new phone arrives. I have also done some rethinking and shuffling of some MagSafe accessories. I no longer use the Zeera Wireless battery as it started swelling and I got a different one plus had some spare Apple Cash so I picked up the Apple Power Bank. I will go into more detail on the goings on next.

iPhone 13 Pro - I was a kid on Christmas this past week watching the Apple event "California Streaming" and got excited by the smaller notch, 120hz adaptive display and of course those huge cameras! Got my pre-order in and will be trading the iPhone 12 Pro in for a new Sierra Blue 13 Pro. Keeping the 256Gig size since I do pro-quality video work.

Cases - After going around and around with MagSafe cases and some non-magsafe I settled on one that is what they call "Frameless" which allows protection of the top and bottom edges and back side of the phone without covering the side edges so it really makes the phone the star and you can really see the look and feel of the design. The drawback here is, the new 13 series has bigger camera bumps so the case I just started using a couple months ago is not going to fit the new phone and I have yet to find the 13 Pro version of it on Amazon. When that comes up for sale I will snatch one up though. In the meantime I took a more generic 13 pro case and used it as a template and then dremmeled the hole bigger on this one so I can at least use something that fits when my new phone arrives.

MagSafe - OK this is a fun topic. As mentioned I am not using the Zeera Wireless battery anymore. I don't blame them though, I think I did something stupid with it and caused the battery to swell. so I picked up this one

and I also ordered an Apple Power Bank. The Apple one was more expensive and has less capacity but the battery info shows in the battery widget on the phone and the phone can reverse charge it as well. That means I can plug a lightning cable into the phone, attach the battery to the back, and the phone will charge and charge the battery too. The other battery works well, is inexpensive and is slim. The magnets are strong too. I carry the Apple battery with me but this blue one is better if you have less battery left on the phone.

So that's basically where I am at right now. I will give some updates when the new phones arrive (family got 13s too!) and be sure to let me know what you are up to especially regarding tech and Apple. Did you pre-order the new phones or get a new iPad or Apple Watch?

talk to you later...

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