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Back on 4/20 Apple announced "AirTag" which is the Apple version of a Tile tracker. They did something right, they priced it affordably so I was able to buy a 4 pack and really kick the tires. I'm waiting for some keychains I ordered to arrive but in the meantime I fired one up and so far I'm really liking them. The size is small but looks like a big Mentos mint with a coin stuck to one side. The sound when you can't find something is decently loud and the precision finding is very cool and a great use of the U1 chip Apple has been putting in iPhone since the 11. $29/AirTag or 4 for $99 is a great price. If you have iPhone and those prices sound affordable, and you have things you would like to track if you lose them, like car keys, I highly recommend AirTags. You can buy them direct from Apple or Amazon and other stores.

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