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It’s a dog’s life

One of the joys of having pets is you get to take care of them. Feed them, clean up after them because they made a mess from the stuff you fed them. You can’t make this stuff up... we have a Pomeranian named Finn and he’s very much the “small dog” personality. Finn goes to the bathroom when he wants and where he wants, often in the living room. We got puppy pads for this when we learned the spots he liked to use and for the most part that works assuming he hits the pad and doesn’t get piss half on and half off the pad. We also have a medium size dog “#1” or “Odin” as is on his paperwork. He is about 60 pounds and a Pitbull/Black Lab mix. He‘s big and clumsy and definitely doesn’t watch where he’s going and sometimes steps in Finn’s stuff on the pad. Which brings me to this morning. We don’t know if Odin stepped in dog poop outside or if he stepped in Finn’s poop in the living room but he had it on his paw and was wander through the kitchen and living room and Jodi and I noticed little blobs of brown all over the tile... ahh the joys of pets.

Odin if we are being formal. Also known as the big oaf or Marmaduke. Loves everyone and the laser pointer.
Number 1

Everything is about him, but he’s so cute!
Mr Finn

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